What is Integral?

Integral is a decentralized exchange (DEX): we are building the last DEX, that belongs to the people.

What makes you different from other DEXs?

Here's how we are building The Last DEX. Not just another DEX.

9 months ago, our innovative liquidity concentration feature was called "very interesting" but "un-validated". We were the underdog and no one seriously believed in us.

But lately, our design was validated by the Uniswap V3 announcement because liquidity concentration turned out to be their main feature. It turns out that we are not crazy, and as a reward, we will be the 1st DEX to have liquidity concentration in a very similar fashion to V3. Our mainnet is rolling out a full month ahead of V3.

Today, our innovative trade delay and liquidity mirroring mechanism are again called "fascinating concepts" but "un-validated". We are again the underdog.

But this time, we are not alone anymore. We now have a devoted base of 360 die-hard volunteers to help us, and a list of IQ140 Defi leaders to seriously advise us:

  • Robert Leshner, Compound

  • Tarun Chitra, Gauntlet

  • Michael & Vance, Framework Ventures

  • Olaf Carlson-Wee, Polychain Capital

Why not back a successful, proud underdog. It's the way to 10,000x.

Never underestimate an underdog.

Never. Under. Estimate. Integral.

Where can I get some $ITGR tokens? Can I buy some?

You can only farm $ITGR at this time by providing liquidity. Public sale will open in weeks.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Our team is mostly active on twitter and discord. If you do not check these two apps very frequently but still don't want to miss any announcement or project update from Integral, please considering subscribe to our newsletter.